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How to install Teflon mesh con

The installation of the conveyor belt is a very important step. Generally, it will be installed when it is bought back. However, many customers do not understand the installation of the conveyor belt, and the installation method is improper, which leads to the phenomenon of over delivery, over tightening, deviation and even belt breakage. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to correctly install the conveyor belt. Then, how to install the Teflon mesh conveyor belt?


In this case, you only need to connect the nose connector directly, and then you can use it during installation. However, in the seemingly simple installation, you need to pay attention to the following: check whether the nose connector of Teflon mesh conveyor belt is installed and connected well. If the bolt is stuck and can not be installed properly, the connector will be damaged in use. In fact, to ensure that the installation is to avoid the mesh belt and machine scratch, Teflon conveyor belt itself also has strength, and Teflon is made of liquid raw material coating, if there is accidental scratch, it is easy to damage the coating, causing damage.


If the Teflon mesh conveyor belt is not running smoothly when it is used, the conveyor belt manufacturer suggests that the conveyor belt should be shut down immediately to check the condition of the belt body to see if there is any foreign matter stuck in the mesh belt itself which causes its failure, and it is highly recommended that you use sharp objects to correct it, which is also easy to damage the coating and reduce the performance of the belt body.


The above is about how to install Teflon mesh conveyor belt, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome to inquire and customize.

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