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〖Miou〗 won the ISO9001 quality

The long-awaited ISO9001 quality management system certificate has finally been promulgated, and Miou has taken another big step in the development of the industrial belt industry.

More than ten years of entrepreneurship, to today's huge scale, with 13,000 flat factory buildings, more than 10 million stocks, 4 sets of coil production equipment, 20 high-frequency joint equipment, 12 hot-melt joint equipment, 24-hour shift production The daily output is 10,000 square meters, to achieve the true sense of production, processing and sales of integrated services.

This management system involves the production and service of PVC, PU, PE, SIR and other conveyor belts, which has important practical significance for improving product quality, reducing costs and improving corporate quality. Do a self-owned brand - Miou, learn from the adoption of the business model that suits you, from the raw materials to the independent research and development, can be customized according to the need for oil, cold, anti-static, strong pull and other different colors, different patterns of coils, and has more than 10 years Processing experience, such as adding sponge, skirt, guide strip, red plastic white glue, baffle, punching, slotting, etc. are very skilled craftsmanship, more than half of the masters are equipped with a variety of perfect imported equipment, for special The required customization is done to the best of your ability. Mio is traveling with you all the way, and welcomes friends from all industries to exchange consultations.

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