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PVC conveyor belt

I believe that many consumers will ask: How can the PU conveyor belt that has been spent several times of money not wearable? At this time, you may have bought a fake PU conveyor belt. The two belts of PVC conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt are visually similar. If you touch the PU, it will be harder than the PVC, but for the consumer to touch the two at the same time. There are not many cases of comparison. Today, Miou tells everyone how to prevent problems before they occur, and better distinguish between these two conveyor belt materials.

A conveyor belt that distinguishes between PU and PVC.

1. The elasticity of the conveyor belt

The PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, and the PU conveyor belt rebounds quickly.

2. Scratch resistance of the conveyor belt

Using the nail to scratch the surface of the conveyor belt, the surface of the PVC conveyor belt is easy to have dents, and the original shape is slower; the PU conveyor belt has no dents.

3. Burning smoke method

PU burns less smoke, mainly white smoke, and occasionally smoke because of insufficient combustion. PVC burns smoke, all black smoke.

4, smell the burning smell

When the PU burns, it has a certain aroma, and the smell is small. After burning, it becomes a black viscous liquid, which is adhered after the hand is touched, and has a wire drawing. When PVC is burned, the food grade PVC conveyor belt has a large smell and is very rushed. After burning, it is turned into carbonization, which is hard and will become a powder after hand rubbing.

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