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Miou - conveyor belt Source factory R & D customization

Miou food grade conveyor belt Integrating production, processing and sales


Food grade conveyor belt

Stock available, can be shipped the same day, 0.8-6.0PUwhite diamond /

Customized ability, customized production of various performances;Ten years of experience, special product processing customization



Miou products Withstands tests!



01 meter European products

FDA food hygiene certification, no odor

食品级输送带证书 FDA Food Certification
食品输送带开裂 Surface cracking

other products

Shoddy, poor material, odor, easy to corrode



02 meters of European products

Mature production process, supporting imported equipment, hot-melt joints

米欧PU输送带接头 Hot melt joint
PU输送带接头脏了 Dirty joint

other products

The joint is not beautiful, uneven, uneven, easy to break,



03 meters of European products

The machine is cut, the belt edge is neat, and it is not easy to go wrong.

食品输送带切割平整 Cut edge
Edge hair

other products

Raw edges, easy to run off, affecting user experience



03 meters of European products

PU material is resistant to dirt and abrasion, special formula is anti-mold and anti-corrosion

食品输送带表面 Clean surface
食品输送带表面脏 Surface foreign matter

other products

Discoloration, yellowish and mildew, easy to dirty and difficult to clean

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Production, processing, sales

Regular product stocking is sufficient, special products are customized on demand

Independent brand and strength certification

Miou belt - persistent high-quality conveyor belt



01 strength manufacturers Multiple rights certificate certification

(1) Provincial high-tech enterprises, ISO9001 quality certification, conveyor belt production enterprises. (2) A number of national patent certificates,



02 good quality Good quality speaks with data

(1) FDA food grade certification (2) Cold resistance test certification: 41 to 42 degrees below zero (3) Antistatic index detection: antistatic reaches 10 to the 6th power



03 equipment is perfect Ten years of processing experience, imported equipment with mature technology

(1) Independent production, source control quality, (2) 4 production lines, decades of employees, mutual cooperation, (3) 32 joint equipment, 24-hour shift production, delivery to the same day



04 perfect service Let you customize worry-free

(1) 24-hour customer service, free customization for customers, long-term stocking, free after-sales service to solve problems; (2) quality problems, one-year warranty

Customer Testimonials Miou conveyor belt, used to say good!

conveyor belt, the quality is very good! 湖南 罗总

We have small, direct contact with food, and Miou has customized FDA food grade conveyor belts for long-term use without contamination.

Affordable, worth recommending 绵阳 蒋总

Our belt needs to carry a certain weight and will be directly contacted by oil/blood water. Miou customizes our 4.0 oil-resistant anti-corrosion strong tensile food grade conveyor belt, and the belt conveys smoothly and does not deform.

Miou food belt, really good 泰州 孙总

The belt is - high precision, non-slip, direct contact with food. Miou's food grade conveyor belt, wear-resistant anti-slip, no slag

Food conveyor belt, or choose Miou 无锡 李经理

Ordinary belts are easy to damage fruits and vegetables, and Miou has processed a food-grade wave belt to successfully protect product delivery.

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Into Miou

Miou is a provincial high-tech enterprise, an ISO9001-certified enterprise, and a conveyor belt self-produced and self-selling production enterprise. Sales: [Mio] [Kunye] two major brand conveyor belts. The plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with a daily output of 15,000 square meters and 6,000 belts. It has a number of national patents.

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Miou Li is committed to creating quality products for the world
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