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Anti stick food conveyor belt

There are many types and functions of food conveyor belt. Today, I'd like to introduce a special conveyor belt anti stick food conveyor belt. What are its characteristics?


1. The biggest feature of anti stick food conveyor belt is anti sticking, but not all products are non stick. Under certain conditions, the product will not stick to the belt. The specific application scenario shall prevail.


2. Because of the particularity of the product structure, the friction coefficient of the conveyor belt surface is small, which can meet some special transportation modes.


3. There is a special layer of polyester cloth on the surface of anti stick food conveyor belt, which makes the product have excellent wear resistance and aging resistance.


Anti stick food conveyor belt


Anti stick food conveyor belt is widely used in bread, biscuit and other industries. It is suitable for the environment with oil and water. The dough will not stick to the conveyor belt in the process of pressing and stretching. It has been well received by customers and has been used for a long time.

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