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Flat conveyor belt (thickness 0.6-12mm)

Flat conveyor belts are widely used in hundreds of industries, often green, multi-color optional, thickness can be customized, performance can be adjusted, low cost, high performance, easy to install, with a variety of customized features, enough to meet the conventional delivery,transportation, preparation Loved by customers, Mio coil producers have R&D production capacity.


Pattern conveyor belt

The pattern conveyor belt is to add various patterns on the surface of the conveyor belt to increase the friction force, to achieve the general climbing and conveying, anti-skid and other effects. At present, there are many kinds of patterns in the market, mainly for grass patterns.


Special processing

In order to meet the needs of customers, conveyor belts can provide a variety of processing services, including (skirts, baffles, guide bars), including turning conveyor belts, edging, ultra-wide longitudinal, ultra-short double pressure, surface special processing, etc. All belong to the special technical category.


Special custom

Due to the different use environments of the industry, the requirements for conveyor belts are also different, so it involves many requirements, food certificates, antistatic index, cold resistance test, high temperature resistance test, and multiple requirements for testing customization.

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  • PVC输送带特殊加工图片Special processing
  • 耐寒输送带定制,食品输送带定制Special custom

Selected materials ·Expensive in detail · Accurate inspection

Featured material

Rubber-coated PVC, bottom fiber cloth, durable.

Strong joint

The joint is firm and beautiful

Special custom

Can be processed on demand

Stable performance

Suitable for each environment transmission

National standard

Reasonable design, national quality inspection

Easy to install

Flexible, easy to install and easy to disassemble

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Choose Mio · Choose high quality

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Strength brandMultiple rights certificate certification

  • Won the "high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province", the quality management system conforms to the ISO9001:2000 standard
  • A number of national patents, including more than a dozen utility patents and multiple appearance patents

Good quality, speak with data

  • FDA food testing

    Selected raw materials, strict implementation of food hygiene testing

  • Cold resistance test

    Third-party testing can reach minus 41~42 degrees

  • Antistatic index

    Specific products require an antistatic index of 10 to the 6th power



Own factory raw material control

  • All coil materials are produced independently, the source control quality, feed to the warehouse, strict quality inspection
  • Has4 production lines, with decades of technical staff, and cooperate with each other.
  • 20台高频接头设备,12台热熔接头设备,24小时轮班生产,快到当天发货
  • PVC输送带厂家卷料设备
  • PVC输送带接头设备
  • 输送带接头设备,跑步机带接头设备,

Perfect service· Let you customize worry-free

  • Pre-sale: free selection and customization, sale: provide long-term stocking for customers. After-sales: free home to solve the problem
  • Quality problem is refunded one month, three months replacement, one year repair

Miou · Conveyor beltMillion customersCommon witness

Good quality, good service! ChinaMr. Li

We have high requirements on conveyor belts, and the quality requirements are as few as possible. The performance of PVCconveyor belts produced by Miou is stable.

More specifications GermanyMr. Mark

Foreign equipment, can not find a lot, can find Miou, many specifications, large selectivity, easy to use, and hope for long-term cooperation.

Convenient and affordable! JapanMr. Yamamoto

We do logistics industry, the product effect is good, the price is affordable, the after-sales service tracking is timely, and the problem is solved quickly.


Strength manufacturers, independent brands


Conveyor belt manufacturer

Miou is a custom-made conveyor belt manufacturer with two production bases and more than 100 certificates. The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, tens of millions of stocks, 4 sets of coil production equipment, 20 sets of high frequency joint equipment, 12 sets. Hot melt conveyor belt joint equipment, 24-hour shift production, only to give customers better products and services

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