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The "11" small holiday boom has just faded, and the 2018 bee collection is the logistics equipment and materials procurement fair (referred to as 2018 Hangzhou Bee Collective Logistics Exhibition) and then the pace was successfully opened in Hangzhou on October 8.

This year's express logistics exhibition is based on the new journey, new pattern, new model, new technology, new intelligence, new energy, new environmental protection, new as the theme, the exhibition area is over 30,000+ square meters, gathering from more than 300 large and medium-sized express Logistics brand enterprises, cold chain enterprises, warehouse allocation enterprises, e-commerce and micro-business enterprises participate in the conference, which is the global express logistics industry equipment and material trading platform.

The Miou belt is a company that specializes in the production of conveyor belts for the logistics industry for 10 years. The company carefully planned the layout of each booth, so that guests can understand the company information. The staff of the conference served each guest on the spot with a rigorous attitude. Chairman Xu Liangquan personally visited the site and had a good time with the cooperation merchants. For the high-tech development of the express logistics industry, Mio accepts new things, innovates and pragmatically, in the logistics conveyor belt of logistics equipment demand, carefully manufactures products, strictly controls quality, and is committed to self-branding. In the next two days of exhibitions, Miou is still in the same industry, wishing this logistics exhibition a complete success.

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