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Why some PVC food conveyor bel

Many people's understanding of food conveyor belt stays on Pu conveyor belt. In fact, in addition to Pu conveyor belt, other conveyor belts can also be used to transport food. PVC food conveyor belt is one of them, which is often used to transport some bagged, tinned and boxed food. It has the advantages of good elasticity and low price. But also some PVC food conveyor belt will appear substandard phenomenon, which factors lead to this?


1. Transportation proportion PVC food conveyor belt transportation of all kinds of materials also has a certain proportion, if the proportion imbalance will cause damage to the conveyor belt, which has a lot to do with the production process, so in the production to ensure that there are no problems, in order to increase the proportion of transportation, resulting in an increase in production, to ensure that there are no problems .


2. Size for PVC food conveyor belt, its size is divided into many kinds, we need to determine which size of conveyor belt to choose according to the transportation environment, if the size is not appropriate, it will operate a variety of problems, so as to apply the use requirements.


3. Overload is not only the conveyor belt, anything is so, especially in the use of time will encounter, if there is a problem will cause all kinds of things, conveyor belt is a recycling product, if overload will shorten the use time, thus affecting the use of conveyor belt, resulting in fracture and other problems.


The above is about some PVC food conveyor belt substandard reasons, I believe you are more clear. To buy authentic products, we should choose regular manufacturers, so that our rights and interests can be protected. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and purchase.

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