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Classification of synchronous

We all know the synchronous belt and its many advantages, such as it is oil-resistant and wear-resistant, relatively more durable, but in its smooth operation, it can not be separated from the synchronous pulley. Today we will introduce the classification of synchronous pulley.


Can be divided according to tooth shape


At present, the synchronous belt wheel on the market, such as divided into trapezoid teeth and circular arc teeth, can be divided into two categories according to the tooth shape. For the present people, the most favorite is trapezoid tooth. This kind of synchronous belt wheel is widely used. However, with the development of the times, the bearing capacity of circular arc teeth and the time for people to use are improved. It is believed that more synchronous belt wheels of this type will be used in the future.


Can be divided by structure


Besides the classification by tooth shape, it can also be classified according to structure. Single side synchronous pulley and double-sided synchronous pulley are two different types. For double-sided synchronous pulley, it can be arranged according to different teeth, so it is also called symmetrical tooth double-sided synchronous belt wheel, which is called DA type in the mouth.


Above is the basic classification of synchronous pulley, of course, it can be divided into seven small classes according to pitch. All knowledge of synchronous pulley and production plan can be called. Welcome to call.

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