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What are the main wear parts o

Conveyor belt in use will have friction with idler, conveyor, material port, etc., the greater the friction, the greater the damage to the conveyor belt. In order to reduce the wear of the conveyor belt, it is necessary to understand the main friction parts of the conveyor belt. The main friction parts of conveyor belt are introduced below.


1. The friction between the frame and the conveyor belt will lead to the deviation of the conveyor due to the defects caused by the manufacture, installation and use of the conveyor. When the deviation is too much, the contact between the conveyor belt and the idler bracket and the frame will cause the edge glue wear and even make the conveyor belt flanging.


2. The friction between the baffle of the guide chute and the conveyor belt, and the wear of the baffle on the conveyor belt is a special kind of wear. If the design method of the baffle is improved and attention is paid to maintenance, this kind of wear can be almost prevented.


3. The friction between the idler and the conveyor belt, the lower cover rubber of the conveyor belt will also be subject to the friction of the centering idler and the forward inclined trough idler, and there will be wear in the transition section from the trough idler to the drum and the convex part of the conveyor bending.


4. Due to the friction between the cleaner and the conveyor belt, the wear of the cleaner on the conveyor belt is usually uniform. However, if the harder steel plate is used as the cleaning plate, the rubber other than dirt will be cut down if the use method is improper. When foreign matters enter between the cleaner tip and the conveyor belt, deep scars will be scratched on the whole length of the conveyor belt.


The above parts are often worn in the use of the conveyor belt. In the installation and use, we must try to reduce the friction of these parts and extend the service life of the conveyor belt.

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