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Food Pu conveyor belt can be u

Food Pu conveyor belt is widely used in food and beverage, biscuits, vegetables, fruits, meat, aquatic products and other food transportation. For food, we need to pay special attention to. In addition to the requirements of clean, non-toxic, green and healthy raw materials, the food delivery belt also needs to be packaged safely, non-toxic, tasteless and in line with food production standards.

The plane White PU conveyor belt, which is often used by the food industry, is produced and sold by Qingchuan, with low price. The thickness of this belt is 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, etc., which can be customized according to the requirements. The surface is made of PU and has food grade FDA food certification. It can directly contact food, and has good oil resistance, corrosion resistance and acid-base resistance.


Pu conveyor belt is often used in food production line. Its length and width are customized according to customers. The Pu thickness is 1-6 mm. It can be used for special processing such as skirt, rib, baffle, binding, red glue on the surface, guide strip, anti deviation strip, and many other patterns to choose from.


In addition to ordinary material transportation, it can also meet the requirements of oil resistance, corrosion resistance, static electricity resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and other special requirements. The special food grade conveyor belt can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries.


The thickness error of food Pu conveyor belt is as follows


1. One wire rope at each end shall not have joint.


2. The steel wire rope with joint shall not be more than 2% of the total number.


3. The joint of a steel wire rope shall not be more than one place, and shall be more than 10m away from the belt end.


4. The joint of any two steel wire ropes shall not be less than 10m in length direction.


5. The thickness of the covering layer, the lower error is about 0.5mm.


6. The width of adhesive tape should be less than 15mm.


Pu conveyor belt is widely used in food, packaging and other industries, and has been well received by customers. As long as you have demand, we will provide you with one-stop service, welcome to online consultation.

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