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What are the classification of

What are the classification of rubber mine conveyor belt specifications? Mining rubber conveyor belt is a special conveyor belt product for mining. There are many kinds of rubber conveyor belt. According to the actual demand, different conveyor belts are used, which not only benefits in price, but also improves the safety production coefficient. Rubber conveyor belt manufacturers of rubber conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, wire rope conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, ordinary rubber conveyor belt, etc., complete specifications and models, rubber conveyor belt price more preferential, welcome to contact.


1Rubber conveyor belt


Coal mine belt conveyor mainly refers to the belt conveyor used in the process of coal mining, production, transportation and processing. Coal mine belt conveyor has the characteristics of large transportation volume, complex working environment, strong bearing capacity and long transportation distance. It is widely used in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other major coal producing areas in China.


Coal mine belt conveyor can be used not only in the process of coal production and processing, but also in the production and processing of other minerals. In terms of energy consumption, it can effectively reduce energy consumption and provide economic benefits. Compared with automobile transportation, it can save energy and protect the environment.


Conveyor belt is the main component of belt conveyor, which is mainly used for large-scale continuous transportation in coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and transportation departments. The materials transported are divided into block, powder, paste and finished goods.


From the micro structure point of view, conveyor belt is mainly composed of three parts: skeleton material, covering layer and backing material, in which the covering layer is the key part to determine its performance and use.


According to the different raw materials used in the covering layer, the conveyor belt industry can be divided into two categories: heavy conveyor belt and light conveyor belt. The former uses rubber (including natural rubber and synthetic rubber) as the main raw material, so it is also called rubber conveyor belt. Its application scope is concentrated in heavy industry and infrastructure construction; the latter mainly uses polymer materials, mainly used in food, electronics and other light industries Field. 2Industrial characteristics


With the popularity of conveyor belt in industrial production, multi variety, high performance, lightweight, multi-function and long life are the concerns of manufacturers. In industrial production, the correct use of conveyor belt is particularly important, conveyor belt in use should strengthen the maintenance and maintenance. Regular replacement of conveyor belt is the premise to ensure the safety of conveyor belt products.




1. Steel cord conveyor belt


The belt made of rubber covered with steel core liner is used as the traction and carrying component of belt conveyor. Steel cord conveyor belt features: high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long service life, small elongation, good grooving performance, good bending resistance and flexibility, suitable for long distance. 2. Rubber conveyor belt


Long distance and high speed transportation of materials. The product is composed of core glue, wire rope, covering layer and edge glue. Steel cord conveyor belt varieties, according to customer demand can be made into tubular type. It can be divided into common type, flame retardant type, energy-saving type, heat-resistant type, wear-resistant type, cold resistant type, acid and alkali resistant type, oil resistant type, etc. Steel cord conveyor belt uses: widely used in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, power, chemical and other fields to transport materials.


3. Fabric core conveyor belt


Fabric core conveyor belt is designed to transport all kinds of special performance goods in different regions and environmental conditions. The core frame structure of conveyor belt is mainly set for cold resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, high temperature resistant and chemical corrosion resistant conveyor belt. It can be used in different areas, different cold and hot conditions, as well as a variety of grain, food, chemical products and other bulk materials under different conditions.


Ordinary conveyor belt is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, electric power, metallurgy and other departments. It is suitable for conveying non corrosive and non prick bulk, granular and powder materials under normal temperature, such as coal, coke, sand, cement and other bulk (material) or finished goods. It can also be used for conveying various bulk, granular, powder and other loose materials with bulk density of 6.5T ~ 2.5t/m Delivery of goods.


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4Precautions in the use of conveyor belt


1. Prevent the idler from being covered by materials, resulting in poor rotation, and prevent the leakage material from being stuck between the roller and the belt. Pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the belt, but do not oil the belt;


2. Prevent the conveyor belt from starting under load;


3. In case of belt deviation, measures shall be taken to correct it in time;


4. When the conveyor belt is partially damaged, it shall be repaired in time with Kester 90t high curing rubber repair paste or forsoon rubber repair material to avoid expansion;


5. Prevent the conveyor belt from being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material, and prevent it from cracking.


About rubber mine conveyor belt specification classification, which conveyor belt manufacturers will introduce to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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