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What are the functions of spec

What are the functions of special processing of conveyor belt? In addition to ordinary conveyor belt, there are other types of conveyor belt. The products that ordinary conveyor belt can transport are limited. For some irregular appearance, need to enhance the transport or more complex environment, special processing conveyor belt will be used. The common special processing methods of conveyor belt include adding foam, adding guide bar, drilling and so on. What are the specific functions of these processing methods How to use it?


Now let's take a look.


Conveyor belt with foam: soft, good elasticity, good protection for goods, not easy to break.


Guide strip: the guide strip has a good anti deviation function. Sometimes products can be fixed with the guide strip conveyor belt, such as eggs.


There are two types of punching methods for conveyor belt


1. From the back of the conveyor belt to the bottom, it is called through hole.


2. One side of the back or bottom of the conveyor belt is punched, but there is only one side concave hole, which does not penetrate the entire thickness of the conveyor belt. This is called a counterbore.


Function of through hole:


1. Suction function, punch holes in the conveyor belt, the equipment can better absorb the product when conveying. Such as printing machinery, paste box machine, etc.


2. Precise positioning, along the horizontal or vertical, precise positioning and drilling on the conveyor belt, its role is to accurately transport or install accessories. Such as dumpling machine belt.


3. Drainage function, in the conveyor belt drilling, cleaning products in the transport occasions, so that the water on the conveyor belt can flow away smoothly. Such as cleaning line, conveyor belt of Bailing machine, etc.


Function of counterbore


1. Install accessories, punch counterbore and through-hole on the conveyor belt, and screw when installing the fixture. The screw can be embedded in the counterbore, so that the fixture can be installed without affecting the use of the conveyor belt. Such as grain machinery, hoist, etc.


2. Store materials, such as metal grinding equipment, etc.


The above is about the function of the special processing of conveyor belt. Different processing methods have different functions. Foam conveyor belt is very useful in conveying fragile materials, and adding guide bar and drilling are also useful. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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