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Assembly line conveyor belt is a kind of mechanical equipment parts used to convey materials, which is widely used in many industries. It can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. When purchasing conveyor belt, in addition to choosing the material and model of leather brand, it is also necessary to check whether the belt is damaged after buying it, and install and use it in time.


It should be noted that after receiving the belt, if it is not used immediately, the place where the belt is stored is the key. Can not be placed at will, not too humid, need to be stored in a suitable temperature and humidity. And before installation, we need to check the pulley for wear. Whether the belt pulley is linear symmetry and the axis of belt pulley is parallel plays an important role in ensuring the life of belt and normal operation of mechanical equipment.


Assembly line conveyor belt installation is not done, follow-up trouble will not be less? Assembly line conveyor belt manufacturers remind you that when installing assembly line conveyor belt products, you can't directly use sharp tools to pry the old belt, and in the process of installing the belt, you should pay attention to reasonable adjustment of the belt tension. Too low or too high tension will affect the transmission of the belt, the life of the belt, and even affect the use of other parts of the transmission equipment life. At the same time, when replacing the belt, there is a point that people can easily ignore: check whether other parts of the equipment need to add lubricating oil and other series of inspection.


The above is about the pipeline conveyor belt related knowledge introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Welcome to inquire and understand.

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