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How to repair the edge wear of

We often see Pu conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, silica gel conveyor belt and Teflon conveyor belt. No matter what type of conveyor belt is, improper installation or deviation will lead to edge wear of the belt. What should be done at this time?

Whether the edge of conveyor belt in food factory can be repaired after wearing has become a headache for many users. The main reason is that the belt may have been damaged for a short time, which is a pity. There are also reasons that the conveyor belt can be used technically.


So the edge wear of conveyor belt in food factory is different. Most of them can be repaired or replaced. It depends on the actual working conditions. Let's take a look at how to deal with different wear and tear?


1. The single side of conveyor belt is seriously damaged


In this case, we suggest that the customer replace the conveyor belt. If the belt width can be saved, it can be modified when the narrow belt is needed next time to reduce the loss;


2. Partial damage


Sometimes the deviation of conveyor belt in food factory is found in time, which does not cause large area damage of conveyor belt. The damaged part can be replaced to reduce loss and make full use of it;


3. Cracks caused by deviation of conveyor belt in food factory


This kind of relatively light damage can be directly repaired. When this kind of damage is found, stop the operation immediately and inform the conveyor belt manufacturer to repair it on site in time, so as to prolong the service life of the conveyor belt.


The above is about the food factory conveyor belt edge wear how to deal with the introduction, hope to help you. The conveyor belt must be installed correctly. After installation, debugging should be carried out. Everything is in normal operation. If your conveyor belt often deviates, you can add a guide strip, which can effectively solve the problem of belt deviation. If you don't understand, please click online consultation.

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