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Conveyor belt maintenance of l

How to improve the service life of the conveyor belt? With the increasing demand for the conveyor belt, many customers have more or less small problems due to improper operation and maintenance after purchasing the conveyor belt.


1. Improve the conveyor belt hopper. Improving the hopper of conveyor belt is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of conveyor belt. The drop hopper at the transfer of each belt conveyor is improved to increase its ability to pass through foreign matters by 2.5 times. Long and large foreign matters are not easy to get stuck between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt during transportation, so as to reduce the probability of foreign matters tearing the conveyor belt.


The guide skirt at the hopper makes the gap between it and the conveyor belt larger and larger along the running direction of the conveyor belt, so as to solve the problem of coal and stone stuck between the conveyor belt and the skirt and eliminate the damage of the conveyor belt caused by it. The hopper with large drop shall be equipped with buffer baffle to avoid direct impact of materials on the conveyor belt.


2. Add scraping device at the reversing drum. A scraping device is added at the diversion drum along the conveyor belt to eliminate the problem of material adhesion at the diversion drum and solve the local damage of the conveyor belt caused by drum adhesion.


3. Improvement of conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer. The transition length and transition mode of conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer have a great impact on the service life of conveyor belt. A reasonable transition design shall be carried out to minimize the wear of the rubber surface of the conveyor belt, so as to ensure that there is no folding and middle bulge of the conveyor belt, and there is no material leakage at the blanking place.


4. Press the belt pulley of the conveyor at the concave transition. Practice has proved that the transverse strength of the steel rope conveyor belt is insufficient. When starting, the belt pressing wheel causes excessive local stress on the conveyor belt, resulting in tearing the conveyor belt. Changing all the belt pressing wheels to belt pressing rollers can completely solve this problem.


5. Counterweight and load reduction of boom conveyor belt. The initial service life of the boom conveyor belt of the stockyard stacker in the coal mine system is very short. The overweight design of the counterweight is an important reason for the excessive tension and premature cracking and aging of the conveyor belt.


6. Material flow direction adjustment. The material flow direction has an important impact on the service life of the conveyor belt. The material flow should run in the same direction as the conveyor belt, which can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.


7. Local damage repair technology of conveyor belt to prolong its service life. (1) Local thermal vulcanization; (2) Local cold splashing; (3) Local cold adhesion; (4) Spraying repair technology of conveyor belt.


8. Reasonably select belt type and maintenance. Reasonable selection of types, timely adjustment of deviation correction devices along the line according to seasonal changes, addition of sunscreen and winter maintenance can also prolong the service life of the conveyor belt.


9. Other management issues. Strengthen the management of idler and sweeper, and replace damaged ones in time. Control on load start.


Miou belt focuses on the production, processing and sales of industrial conveyor belts. It has always provided customers with high-quality conveyor belts. It can be customized according to the material, width, height and perimeter required by customers. New and old customers are welcome to customize.

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