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How to prolong the service lif

Conveyor belt can be used to prevent the surface of the conveyor belt from being scratched. Although the felt belt is more wear-resistant, but improper use will also lead to the shortening of the service life of the conveyor belt. How to prolong the service life of the felt belt?


Reasonable transfer design


Reasonable design of the head and tail or corner of the conveyor belt is also very important. If the design is not reasonable, it will be in a relatively tense or compressed state for a long time, and it is very easy to break or fold the conveyor belt and bulge in the middle. Therefore, if you want to ensure the service life of the felt conveyor belt is longer, it is necessary to design and install reasonably. At the same time, the belt roller can be changed into the belt roller to reduce the damage rate.


Clean the conveyor belt surface in time


Felt conveyor belt after a large number of goods may leave a variety of leather or residue on the surface, more and more equivalent day after day will produce greater friction, at the same time, some corrosive liquid will also cause the rubber surface of the conveyor belt to be corroded, so timely clean the surface of the conveyor belt, and avoid all kinds of water stains or corrosive liquid left on the surface.


Lower the transmission speed of the conveyor belt


Many enterprises speed up the transmission speed of the conveyor belt and ignore its bearing capacity for the sake of product transmission speed. Too fast speed not only speeds up the wear degree of the conveyor belt, but also easily makes the conveyor belt overheat under the condition of rapid operation, and it is easy to shorten the service life of the conveyor belt under the condition of long-term wear and continuous heating.


It can be seen that if you want to extend the service life of felt conveyor belt, you need to pay attention to the details carefully, and also need to operate in accordance with the specifications. It can not only make the conveyor belt more efficient and safe for orderly transportation, but also ensure that the service life can be extended in the long-term use process.

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