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If you still use the skirt con

Nowadays, in the process of enterprise production, customers have more and more demand for skirt conveyor belt. There are many problems in the use process, even causing the shutdown of the whole production line, which is distressing. The following editor will share with you:


1. Skirt baffle conveyor belt deviation


Conveyor belt deviation often occurs in the production process, so we have added the function of anti deviation of guide strip in conveyor belt production. Through the auxiliary adjustment of the guide strip, the damage of the conveyor belt caused by the deviation of the conveyor belt is effectively solved and the service life is prolonged.


2. Skirt baffle strip falls off


Skirt falling off often occurs in the use of conveyor belt. Through the improvement of skirt die, our company designs a traceless die, widens the width of skirt base, and makes the skirt more firm. For skirt joint, we adopt ring joint mode, abandon the original thermal bonding process, and effectively reduce the possibility of skirt falling off.


3. Skirt baffle strip falling off


Baffle falling off often occurs during the use of conveyor belt. Our company provides professional pre-sales selection service according to customers' different use environment. We have a complete set of removable molds to ensure the processing fastness of the baffle. According to the actual situation, we recommend customers to use our self-developed self-made baffle


In terms of customizing skirt baffle belt, it has the following advantages:


1. With excellent acid resistance, our raw material formula is reasonable, no return material, secondary material and no impurities. Ensure the stability of raw materials, do a good job in quality and accumulate reputation;


2. The company has a complete set of processing and connecting equipment to ensure the fastness of our conveyor belt hair joint, ensure the production efficiency of customers and reduce the use cost of customers;


3. I have developed a set of skirt processing scheme, which solves the problem of unsightly and non durable delamination of the original joint. The traceless mold ensures the fastness of the skirt and prolongs the service life of the conveyor belt;


4. We have a complete set of removable baffle molds to ensure the customized needs of customers. The baffle is reliable. Our baffle can have a variety of choices;


Choose the Miou belt, we not only have excellent skirt baffle conveyor belt processing technology, we can also provide more support to help you design more advanced and best-selling mechanical equipment! Let's work together to create high-quality products!

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