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What are the customized proces

Industrial belt is an important equipment component in machinery. Industrial belt is a large category. Conveyor belt, synchronous belt and baseband all belong to industrial belt. Most industrial belts need special processing to be used. So what are the customized processing technologies of industrial belt? What is the role of each?


Industrial belt customized processing refers to the special processing of the original conveyor belt, such as ordinary conveyor belt, patterned conveyor belt, sheet baseband, synchronous belt, etc. to meet the special needs of customers' mechanical equipment. The processed industrial belt can be widely used in packaging, printing, paper, electronics, plastics, wires and cables, food, beer and beverage packaging machinery and equipment. So industrial belt customization is a popular trend nowadays


Functions of industrial belt customization and special processing:


1. PVC guide strip, baffle and skirt are bonded on the belt. Adding guide bar can prevent running deviation. Adding baffle conveyor belt can be used for lifting conveying, climbing, etc., to improve production efficiency. The skirt conveyor belt can prevent the material from sliding.


2. Industrial belt customized in the belt drilling, slotting, turning belt, etc. Perforated conveyor belt can be used in vacuum packaging machine, which can play the role of evacuation or adsorption. The turning conveyor belt can be used for special angle conveying.


3. Rubber belt can increase the friction of the belt and high temperature resistance, elasticity, improve the life of the belt. Rubber products can be used in a variety of transportation industry applications, such as glass manufacturing, ceramic industry, paper industry, wood processing, labeling and packaging equipment.


4. Pu is added on the surface of synchronous belt. Pu material on belt surface is mainly used in glass industry to increase wear resistance of synchronous belt surface.


5. With high density sponge and foam on the belt, the sponge is soft and has certain tensile strength. Foam on the surface of belt is mainly used for pillow type packaging machine and electronic components conveying, playing the role of exhaust and buffer.


The above is about the introduction of industrial belt customized processing technology. There are many industrial belt processing technologies, and the effects of different processing technologies are different. Welcome to inquire.

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