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How to use Pu and red glue syn

As a professional synchronous belt manufacturer, we usually do not start to customize the synchronous belt according to the customer's requirements. Sometimes we design some special synchronous belts to put them in a prominent position in the shop and decorate the shop. We did not expect that there would be customers to consult us, but some things will bring different surprises beyond our expectation. This is called intentional planting flowers Do not open, inadvertently inserted willow shade, that is, this Pu plus red rubber synchronous belt.


This synchronous belt is Pu and red rubber synchronous belt, which is a very professional special processing model. At first, we only planned to put this synchronous belt on the Internet as a muscle show product, and the purpose was just to show our technical strength. I never thought that the conventional polyurethane synchronous belt is not enough. This special processing model is popular. This belt is mainly used in ceramic processing or similar brick making industry, which is why we say this belt is very professional. It is also a customized product.


The shape of this synchronous belt is also very special. In the back, we add a layer of red glue to improve the wear resistance of the back. At the same time, we add a guide bar on the tooth surface of the conventional synchronous belt to form this special tooth shape, which is corresponding to the needs of customers.

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