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What can light conveyor belt d

There is one thing I believe we all know. It is an indispensable part of modern automatic production. That is conveyor belt. Some people also call it conveyor belt and belt. But many people's understanding of it may be only one-sided, and have a deep understanding of it.


Here, I'd like to explain to you what a light conveyor belt is. Generally, PVC, PU and PVK are used as light conveyor belts, which are mostly used indoors. When used outdoors, sand and stone are transported by heavy-duty belts, which are usually made of rubber. Today we will talk about the industry application of light conveyor belt.


In the paper industry, commonly used conveyor belt called suction belt, it needs to be perforated, so as to play the role of suction, so that the paper will not have wrinkles, but also can play the role of positioning.


In the food industry, we generally use Pu conveyor belt, Pu is different from PVC, with oil resistance, and food grade material, to ensure the safety of our food.


In the airport or logistics industry, it is more practical PVK conveyor belt. The most prominent feature of PVK conveyor belt is flame retardant. In places such as logistics, which are full of flammable materials, and airports, which have a large flow of people, fire prevention is of course the first priority. The flame retardant performance of PVK conveyor belt reduces the spread time of fire.


The above is the application of light conveyor belt in some industries. Of course, there are many industries using light conveyor belt. I have the opportunity to introduce it to you. If you want to know more information, welcome to leave a message or call the customer service hotline, looking forward to your call.

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