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Please identify whether the co

Whether the conveyor belt is of high quality plays a key role in the process of equipment operation. Therefore, it is also a key factor to be able to identify whether the conveyor belt is of high quality. The following two points help you quickly identify what is a high-quality conveyor belt.


1Manufacturer scale


The scale of the conveyor belt manufacturer can determine whether the conveyor belt is of high quality. There is no business license and the production equipment is relatively old. The products produced are generally unqualified products and inaccurate products. Such manufacturers cannot choose. Therefore, we should choose conveyor belt manufacturers with production licenses and advanced production equipment, so that the quality is relatively guaranteed.


2Judging from the quality of conveyor belt


The quality of conveyor belt is generally considered according to its pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


1. Pressure resistance


When a large number of materials and products are transported on the belt, the relevant pressure bearing capacity needs to be strong. Otherwise, it is difficult to meet the relevant production needs.


2. High temperature resistance


During the operation of many equipment, we need to cool or heat raw materials and semi-finished products. If the conveyor belt used does not have qualified high temperature resistance, it is certainly not conducive to the production of our products in practical application.


3. Corrosion resistance


Because it is used for cooling or heating raw materials and products, some chemical production workshops cannot avoid processing many corrosive products. Therefore, high-quality conveyor belts generally have corrosion resistance.

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