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Food guide belt

Customers also have various requirements for food conveyor belt. In addition to basic safety and non-toxic, some customers also need special processing on food conveyor belt, such as adding guide strip.


Why add a guide bar? What is the main function of the food conveyor belt with guide bar?


1. Anti deviation


In the process of conveying, once the food conveyor belt deviates, it will wear the bottom belt and reduce the service life of the conveyor belt. In serious cases, it will break the conveyor belt, stop production, and even cause personal injury. In order to solve the problem of food conveyor belt deviation, we add a guide strip on the food conveyor belt, so that the contact between the food conveyor belt and the roller can be more stable.


2. Increase friction


The surface friction of the flat food conveyor belt is small, in order to increase the friction, play the role of anti-skid, and can adapt to a certain climbing angle, then the herringbone guide bar can be added on the bottom belt.


3. The function of blocking transport


The flat food conveyor belt with horizontal guide bar on the conveying surface can block the conveying material and increase the conveying capacity of the conveying material.


Guide bar classification: ordinary guide bar, toothed guide bar, can be customized according to your specific needs.

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