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What kind of joint is often us

If you want to transport some high-temperature products, it is definitely impossible to use the ordinary conveyor belt. The temperature resistance range of the ordinary conveyor belt is - 10 ° to + 80 ° and using the ordinary conveyor belt will not only shorten its service life, but also affect the products. Therefore, as long as the temperature exceeds 80 , we recommend the use of high temperature resistant conveyor belt. Teflon high temperature resistant cloth is a common high temperature resistant conveyor belt. What are the common joints of this kind of conveyor belt?


Different from Teflon mesh belt, the existential sense of Teflon high temperature resistant cloth is always specious because of the existence of mesh belt. They all belong to Teflon category, but there are great differences in use and structure, and this difference is also reflected in the joints.


If you want to install the Teflon conveyor belt to the equipment, you must connect it into a ring. At the same time, because the Teflon conveyor belt uses glass fiber or keff cable core as the base material of the belt body, it has no advantage over other conveyor belts in terms of softness. It is relatively hard, that is, it is not easy to bend naturally. This step needs to be completed by connection. In connection, there are mainly two forms, nose joint connection and steel buckle connection. In contrast, there are more restrictions on the connection of steel buckle. Generally, the Teflon conveyor belts connected in this way are cloth belts, and the use environment and form are special, so they are less in use. The nose joint is widely used, it is commonly used between the mesh belt and cloth belt.


The so-called cow nose joint is how to connect, at the same time, it also very vividly adopts the management and traction mode of livestock buffalo. The Teflon conveyor belt processed by this method can be connected quickly and intuitively, simple and efficient. Similar to the hinge and bolt structure does not affect the transmission, Teflon heat-resistant cloth in this connection mode will be installed in the head of a mesh belt, used to install the joint.


The above is about Teflon high temperature resistant cloth often use which kind of joint introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding. The quality of the conveyor belt joint directly affects its service life. Most of the conveyor belt damage starts from the joint, so it is very important to choose the right joint mode.

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