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Tooth pattern or lawn pattern

In the industrial industry, there are many kinds of conveyor belts, which are widely used. When conveying slippery products, it is necessary to use anti-skid conveyor belt, so which kind of anti-skid conveyor belt is good?


In fact, for the conveyor belt, it is basically with anti-skid function, but the degree of anti-skid is different. For example, when conveying products that are not particularly slippery, flat conveyor belts can be selected, and their surface is flat, which can increase friction and wear resistance. If you need to transport more slippery products, then you should choose the pattern conveyor belt, whose surface is patterned, which can effectively increase the friction force, increase the grip, so that the product is not easy to offset, slide.


For the pattern conveyor, due to the different industries used, different materials transported and different conveying angle, the required pattern shape and height are also different. The common patterns are: diamond pattern, straight stripe, herringbone pattern, I-shaped pattern, washboard pattern, grass pattern, serrated pattern, etc.


Therefore, when it is necessary to purchase anti-skid conveyor belt, Xiaobian suggests to give priority to the patterned conveyor belt, which has better anti-skid effect. If you need wear resistance, then flat conveyor belt is a good choice. Of course, what kind of conveyor belt to choose, the specific or according to their own needs to determine.

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