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What are the characteristics o

With the progress of society, conveyor belt is more and more widely used, not only in factories and workshops, but also in canteens, airplanes, railway stations, ports and other security inspection machines. Generally speaking, seafood and aquatic products are used in port and wharf. How to choose seafood conveyor belt?


Let's talk about it in detail. What are the characteristics of seafood conveyor belt?


1. Good weather resistance, suitable for all kinds of temperature and humidity environment;


2. It has high-quality anti-aging performance, especially outdoor anti ultraviolet performance;


3. It is waterproof and not easy to fall off;


4. It has high-strength tension layer, which is suitable for heavy goods transportation;


5. It has climbing ability and high wear resistance.


This is the characteristic of seafood conveyor belt. If you want to know more information, please leave a message or call the customer service hotline. We are looking forward to your call

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