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What fields can oil resistant

With the development of society, the advantages of conveyor belt become more and more prominent. It not only saves manpower and material resources, but also improves the production efficiency of enterprises. In recent years, the types of conveyor belt have become diversified. At first, there are more rubber conveyor belts. Now, in order to meet the needs of various industries, some high temperature resistant, acid alkali resistant and oil resistant conveyor belts begin to appear in front of us. So what fields can oil resistant conveyor belt be used in?


As we all know, the endurance of ordinary conveyor belt for various oils and organic solvents is relatively poor. When transporting oil-bearing materials, it can increase the volume of face rubber, relax the structure, reduce the physical and mechanical properties, and shorten the service life of ordinary conveyor belt. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of oil-resistant conveyor belts. The oil-resistant conveyor belts produced by our company are all made of cotton canvas, fiber cloth and polyester canvas through calendering, molding, vulcanization and other processes. It has good oil resistance and is suitable for all kinds of oily materials and some occasions where oil and chemical solvents may appear.


The oil resistant conveyor belt produced by our company adopts covering glue, nitrile rubber with high acrylonitrile content as the main material, canvas, fiber cloth or polyester canvas as the strong layer. It has the advantages of low volume change rate, high strength and wide application range. In our life has a very wide range of applications and important role.


The above knowledge is about the conveyor belt, hope to help you.

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