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How to calculate the customize

With the progress of science and technology and the rapid development of mechanization, there are more and more types of conveyor belts. While choosing more, they also bring a lot of trouble. Some buyers just contact this area, and they don't know which is better to choose. Teflon high temperature resistant conveyor belt manufacturers have also faced this situation. Customers have proposed to purchase, but it is difficult to explain the demand clearly.


How are they sold? How should I choose? These problems for their own do not know what people want to be cautious, because sometimes really do not understand enough to understand.


How to calculate the customized price of Teflon high temperature conveyor belt? In short, the conveyor belt manufacturer is based on the square meter price calculation, any model must comply with this rule. And their price is composed of square price, joint price and edge sealing price, which is also applicable to all types of Teflon high temperature resistant conveyor belt.


And the customer friend only needs to tell us whether we need mesh belt or cloth belt, and the size of the quotation, so that customers can understand the reason why the price is obtained and how it comes from in a short time. Resolving embarrassment is an art. If it is not handled properly, it will be self defeating. Since we have finished the product, we should also do a good job in all aspects of service.

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