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Introduction of wire rope conv
(1) Fabrication of steel cord conveyor belt joints

Cut all the leading mesh wires, and scrape off the adhesive on the surface. The steel wire core conveyor belt at the root of the steel wire is sloped with an angle grinder, about 100mm wide, and then polished 150mm outward along the slope to remove the original steel wire rope. The core conveyor belt is surfaced and roughened. Clean the steel wire and the polished surface with 120# gasoline.

(2) Laying of steel cord conveyor belt and overlapping of steel wire
First, lay a layer of clean plastic film on the surface of the lower heating plate, and then lay a layer of rubber to make the rubber compound match the slope of the joints at both ends. Then, as required, lap the steel wire and apply the glue to ensure that the glue is evenly distributed and evenly distributed. The rubber compound is further laid, and the rubber material is also matched with the inclined surfaces of the two ends, and a plastic film is laid on the surface to complete the laying of the steel cord conveyor belt joint and the overlapping of the steel wires.

(3) Installation of vulcanizer
1 Place the lower frame so that the ends are aligned and the centerline of the frame is aligned with the centerline of the wire rope conveyor. Then, the water pressure plate, the pressure transmitting plate, the lower vulcanized plate and the vulcanized plate are placed with the center line of the working surface as a reference and aligned with the center line of the steel cord conveyor belt.
2 After the glued parts of the steel cord conveyor belt are made according to the process, they are clamped with the retaining iron on both sides of the glued joint.
3 Place the vulcanized plate, the water pressure plate, and the upper heat insulation plate in turn, and finally place the frame. It is required that the center line of the working surface is aligned with the center line of the steel cord conveyor belt, and the connecting bolts are attached and tightened one by one.
4 After the vulcanizer is tightened, connect the high-pressure water pipe and the wire plug and the pressure pump respectively.

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