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How can PVC conveyor belt not

PVC conveyor belt with its special structure, superior performance, innovative technology, more and more widely used in electronics, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. As a professional manufacturer of PVC conveyor belt, our factory has invested a lot of money to increase the development and innovation of new products. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cleaning device of PVC conveyor belt, we should pay attention to whether the cleaner at the unloading place can work normally. If the cleaning is not thorough, the powdery materials will stick to the conveyor drum, which will cause the belt to wear and tear, thus causing the belt to run away.


After correcting the axis of idler and roller, the cleaning device should be adjusted again to prevent serious wear of conveyor belt. It can correct the large deviation of PVC conveyor belt in the process of operation automatically, so that the belt conveyor can run normally. Its working principle is to produce or block the lateral thrust through the roller or blocking the non directional rotation in the horizontal plane, so that the PVC conveyor belt can automatically move towards the center of the conveyor belt, and the PVC conveyor belt can avoid deviation, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing the conveyor belt from deviation.


On the other hand, the PVC conveyor belt deviates, and the tension on both sides of the conveyor belt is not adjusted and balanced, so it needs to be readjusted. Note that when adjusting, the conveyor belt can only be inched and the adjustment effect can be observed in time to prevent the belt side from squeezing on the rack, damaging the belt edge and blocking the belt. If it's really stuck, it's necessary to release all the tension and bring the manual wrench to the middle position.

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