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What are the characteristics o

Green PVC conveyor belt is a common conveyor belt with strong versatility. Many assembly lines will use it, especially in the electronic industry. Most PVC conveyor belts have anti-static function. What are the characteristics of green PVC conveyor belt?     


1. PVC conveyor belt has high compressive strength, light weight, wear resistance, bright and beautiful, non-toxic, odorless, anti-static, Rashin, long life, low friction resistance.


2. From the shape can be divided into single-sided rubber conveyor belt and double-sided rubber conveyor belt


3. Green PVC conveyor belt with decorative pattern can transport 0-45 ° bulk raw materials in bags to avoid dragging of raw materials and improve conveying capacity.


4. Good wear resistance, acid resistance, impact strength will not change, long service life.


5. The green PVC conveyor belt has excellent q-elasticity and is not easy to deform. It is made of natural plastic with high tenacity and high-quality cotton, polyester and polyester white canvas as the core. It is pollution-free, white or light gray, pollution-free and odor covering layer that does not harm food hygiene and safety.


6. Green PVC conveyor belt product composition design reasonable, with food hygiene standards, color balance, lightweight, durable.


7. It is suitable for food industry or food industry to transport grain or food in bulk, bottled and packed to 400 grain size, and the conveying capacity can be from 1 cubic hour to 6000 cubic hour


8. PVC conveyor belt belongs to plastic conveyor belt, which is the rubber and plastic conveyor belt we usually mention. The conveyor belt joint of the product is easy to operate and can quickly complete the construction process of conveyor belt joint!


The above is about what features of green PVC conveyor, I believe you are also more clear. Welcome to online consultation.

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