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Why must antistatic PVC convey

Why must antistatic PVC conveyor belt be used? With the popularity of conveyor belt, many industries use conveyor belt to transport products. Conveyor belt greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises, and the types of conveyor belts used in different industries may be different. In the electronic industry, we generally recommend enterprises to use anti-static conveyor belt to transport electronic products. Why do you say that?


Anti static, in a variety of conveyor belt products is particularly important. In a sense, antistatic conveyor belt can also be a complex technology. Anti static PVC conveyor belt has the characteristics of anti-static. Whether it can directly affect the adaptability of the conveyor belt to the environment is completely different in the workplace. Second, antistatic PVC conveyor belt will even affect the safety of the workplace. Generally, the anti-static conveyor belt has high safety performance and no impact on the environment.


Static electricity can happen in our life, our hair, clothes and so on. Static electricity is generated in dry conditions. At the same time, static electricity has the danger of "fusing" in some places, such as high temperature industrial environment, or materials that can not meet the requirements of small flame., This also reflects the importance of antistatic PVC conveyor belt in these occasions.


Our company is responsible for the processing design of the conveyor belt production line to ensure the stability of commodity circulation and improve the work efficiency of the production line. However, if the anti-static conveyor belt is not used, it is easy to produce static electricity and sparks in the process of rapid operation, which is dangerous to enterprise employees, especially for transporting materials, such as coal mines and conveyor belts. Therefore, it is suggested to use anti-static conveyor belt in some occasions, and try to use anti-static conveyor belt in other common environments. We should be responsible for both goods and employees.


The above is about why we must use antistatic PVC conveyor belt. I believe you also know the importance of antistatic conveyor belt. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and customize

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