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What are the functions of sili

What are the functions of silicone felt conveying? What are the functions of edge belt felt? Felt lining belt, also known as felt belt, pressure grinding belt; in the vertical and horizontal types of matching key sander (also known as sectional pressure pad sander), lining behind the annular belt, running synchronously with the belt.


Because there is no relative sliding belt and abrasive belt between the linings, it can be used for high-speed grinding, and the grinding area is large, so it is especially suitable for mirror finishing board (Piano) and high-quality mirror polishing and grinding of various paint board surfaces. Common categories: wide twill belt conveyor longitudinal pressure frame (support), herringbone belt, flat belt and narrow twill belt (with side pressure belt conveyor frame).


The size of felt conveyor belt can be customized. Main function: through the longitudinal twill, feel the soft sand cutting effect of lining, improve the polishing gloss. Second, the running direction of the horizontal herringbone lining belt and the vertical feed direction can be cut and tracked by the vertical sand mill, so as to achieve high-precision mirror effect.


What are the functions of silicone felt conveyor belt? The conveyor belt manufacturer will introduce it to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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