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Transmission accuracy of synch

Synchronous belt is widely used. It can be seen from machine tools, automobiles, detectors, printers, copiers, electric tools and household appliances. It integrates the respective advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive. So how about its transmission accuracy?


The timing belt (wheel) itself has no precision, but it has a motor in front and a load behind it.


Once the equipment has clear accuracy requirements, the problem will come. AnaI company puts forward three questions for you and yourself to think about:


1. What precision can synchronous belt drive achieve in the case of open loop? What does precision have to do with?


2. What precision can synchronous belt drive achieve under the condition of semi closed loop? What does precision have to do with?


3. What precision can synchronous belt drive achieve under closed-loop condition? What does precision have to do with?


1. When the synchronous wheel and the synchronous belt form a single-stage or multi-stage transmission, only from the device itself, there is no high precision and poor repeatability. One reason is that the synchronous belt has elastic deformation, and the other is that the precision of the synchronous belt wheel is not the same as that of the gear and rack, there are 7 and 8 levels of precision, and there are no numerous detection items of the gear to control its processing precision, Generally, the cumulative pitch deviation of pulley will be + \ - 0.10 ~ 0.15, so the repeatability of pulley transmission without feedback can be imagined. Generally, selecting high-quality synchronous belt, properly tensioning synchronous belt and improving the accuracy of synchronous wheel can significantly improve the transmission accuracy. (two sub questions will be raised here: is there any other way to improve the accuracy of synchronous wheels other than directly purchasing imported ones? How many inspection items are there for belt wheels? Of course, if it is a multi-stage reducer, the transmission accuracy will be reduced due to the existence of transmission ratio I.


2. The so-called semi closed loop means that the feedback unit is installed on the motor and the transmission unit has no feedback, so the accuracy that the equipment can achieve depends on the accuracy of the transmission itself and the accuracy of the control system.


3. The synchronous belt drive is equipped with a grating ruler: theoretically, the grating accuracy and control accuracy can be as high as the transmission accuracy, and the equipment can achieve high accuracy. However, in fact, because the synchronous belt is an elastomer after all, it will have "snake motion" during high-speed start, stop and reverse rotation, resulting in system speed fluctuation, If the belt is a little loose, the machine will almost twitch. For example, the printer is also driven by the synchronous belt, but when printing, it avoids the acceleration and deceleration stage and only sprays ink at the constant speed stage, so it can print very good results, and the tables and words will not be misaligned. This requires how much positioning accuracy or repeatability. If the accuracy is really needed, the synchronous belt is only used as the first level transmission, followed by the lead screw. Gear rack and worm are used to push the load.


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