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Working principle of food vacu

Conveyor is widely used in industrial production line, and it is the main transportation equipment in mechanical production. Most of them are used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, food, wharf, coal, etc; Food vacuum conveyor is generally used to transport powder materials, which has the advantages of easy installation, easy cleaning, dust free and low noise, which meets the requirements of food and medicine. Here, the conveyor manufacturer briefly introduces the working principle of food vacuum conveyor:


1. The vacuum conveyor is driven by air compression, and the vacuum can be produced by multi-stage jet vacuum pump;


2. When the bottom valve of conveyor is closed, more vacuum can be generated along with the storage pipeline of conveyor;


3. Under the action of vacuum, the material can be inhaled through the pipeline of conveyor accessories from the position of the inhaled material;


4. After passing the filter, the gas is separated from the powder we need to transport;


5. When the conveyor transports powder, compressed air fills the recoil air bag;


6. When the vacuum pump stops running, it is necessary to open the discharge end of the valve, and the material falls into the discharge position, and the compressed air backwash air bag will automatically clean the powder particles;


7. When the food vacuum conveying equipment is working again, a new round of circulation is started. During the whole transportation, the time of inhalation and discharging time are controlled by electronic controller or pneumatic.

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