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How to reduce the edge wear of

If the conveyor belt is seriously worn, its service life will be shortened. If the conveyor belt can be used for two or three years, it will be scrapped within two or three months. This is something that all customers do not want to see. How can the wear of PVC conveyor belt be reduced? Generally, serious wear and tear will not occur within the range of 5% deviation of the conveyor belt, so we should control the deviation angle of the conveyor belt and try not to let the belt deviate.


The following are preventive measures: through the analysis of wear factors of PVC conveyor belt, in the design of belt conveyor, corresponding preventive measures are taken to prolong the service life of conveyor belt. The design is usually optimized from the following five aspects to reduce the wear of conveyor belt.


1. Reasonable selection of PVC conveyor belt


2. Reduce the wear of conveyor parts to the conveyor belt.


3. Structure optimization of feeding device.


4. Reduce the impact of the material receiving process on the conveyor belt.


5. Use electromechanical protection device.


In addition, it is also a good way to prevent PVC conveyor belt from running deviation. The main reason for belt edge wear is belt deviation. Therefore, two anti deviation devices are clamped every 10 frames on the basis of the original frame, so that the deviated conveyor belt can be corrected automatically. This method is simple and easy to operate, and the effect of anti deviation is very good.


In addition to the above methods, PVC conveyor belt with guide strip can also prevent deviation, so what is the guide strip? As the name implies, the rubber strip with positioning and guiding function is to make the conveyor belt run accurately on the conveyor, prevent deviation, and can also be used as the material positioning of the bearing surface of the conveyor belt. The color of the guide strip is green (commonly used) and white, and the materials used for manufacturing mainly include PVC, PU, PE, etc., so as to meet the quality requirements of different grades in general industrial industry and food packaging industry.


The above is about how to reduce the wear of PVC conveyor belt. The wear is mainly caused by belt deviation, so we should learn to prevent the phenomenon of belt deviation. For more information about the quotation and customization of conveyor belt, please click online consultation.

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