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How to improve the tearing pro

How to improve the tearing property of rubber conveyor belt? In order to improve the tearing property of rubber conveyor belt, the key points can be considered from the following aspects:


1. The raw rubber system should be selected correctly, the raw rubber should choose the one with higher molecular weight, the crystalline rubber is better, and the tear strength of the crystalline rubber is higher than that of the non crystalline rubber at room temperature;


2. The results show that the combination of vulcanization accelerators is reasonable. CV (common vulcanization system, high sulfur and low sulfur) vulcanization system is better. The polysulfide bond has higher tear strength. The amount of sulfur is 2-3 phr. CZ and DM with medium activity and good flatness are selected as vulcanization accelerators;


3. The carbon black with small particle size and low structure should be selected, and the white carbon black with about 10 should be better;


4. The amount of softener should not be too much, softener will generally reduce the tear strength, paraffin oil is extremely unfavorable to the tear strength of SBR vulcanizate, if you choose aromatic oil is better, naphthenic oil is much better than paraffin oil, but not as good as aromatic oil.


Belt manufacturers remind that due to different formulations, the corresponding system is not the same, the above direction is for reference only, not all formulations are applicable.


On how to improve the tearing performance of rubber conveyor belt, the conveyor belt manufacturer will introduce it to you. If you are interested in conveyor belt, welcome to inquire.

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