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What is the material of high t

High temperature belt is what material: industrial belt material can be divided into PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PU (polyurethane), Si (silica gel).


PVC (polyvinyl chloride)




1. Economic and applicable, the price of conveyor belt in the actual use process to consider the cost of use, so to consider the economy;


2. Easy to process, PVC is relatively easy to process and has good plasticity;


3. Acid and alkali resistance, PVC chemical properties are stable, have a certain ability to resist weak acid and weak base.




1. Low hardness, no wear resistance, PVC conveyor belt in the use of wear resistance is not good, this is the reason for some equipment need to choose Pu;


2. Poor oil resistance, PVC conveyor belt should not be used in food machinery and other places with edible oil or machine oil.


Pu (polyurethane)




1. The surface hardness of Pu conveyor belt can reach 80-90, which has the advantages of wear resistance and cutting resistance;


2. Pu conveyor belt is widely used in the food industry, and edible oil machine oil will not have a great impact on its service life;


3. Good roller passing performance, the roller passing performance here refers to that the conveyor belt seldom jumps in the process of use;


4. Food grade, Pu conveyor belt because of its characteristics in food has a very wide range of applications, pasta machinery, fried food and so on.




1. Compared with PVC conveyor belt, Pu conveyor belt is relatively expensive, so the production cost may be considered in the selection;


2. Compared with PVC conveyor belt, Pu conveyor belt is relatively weak in acid and alkali resistance


Si (silica gel)




1. Food grade is an important reason for its application in food industry;


2. High temperature resistant silicone tape (Jinan an high temperature resistant conveyor belt) can withstand 100-500 high temperature, chemical properties are stable


3. Anti stick, silica gel with non stick, sugar, chocolate and other foods with high sugar content.




1. The silicone belt is more expensive than ordinary conveyor belt;


2. The hardness is low, so most of the conveyor belts in the oven are Teflon mesh belt / cloth;


3. Poor roll pass performance, no lateral stability of silicone tape, relatively soft material.


We introduce the main conveyor belt material, the classification of high temperature resistant conveyor belt, according to your demand for order production, more details, please contact us.

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