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Which material is better for l

Which material is better for logistics conveyor belt? With the improvement of people's living standards, online shopping has become one of the indispensable ways of shopping in our life. In order to meet the needs of the market and satisfy everyone's shopping desire, many online shopping platforms will launch various promotional activities.


With the rapid rise of online shopping platform, it also led to the rise of other industries, such as warehousing, logistics, express delivery and other industries. Most people buy online because of the openness of prices, the carelessness and convenience of shopping during work, and the diversification and diversity of online shopping, which are all delivered to the door with short time cycle. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, there are tens of thousands of items need to be delivered every day, and the distribution cities are different. This requires timely and accurate sorting and distribution, so the logistics industry has been in progress.


And if only relying on manual sorting, it will greatly reduce the work efficiency, so this produces the mechanical intelligent sorting. The transportation of logistics in mechanical intelligent sorting is an important link. Because of such a large number of parcels, there are some fragile items, including some larger or heavier items, it is impossible to sort them manually.


In the sorting and distribution, there may be some flammable and explosive items, so in the logistics sorting, safety is a problem to be considered. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, goods and property, so in the logistics sorting, most of the logistics operation and transportation centers will choose PVK conveyor belt.


So why most of the logistics operation and transportation centers choose to use PVK conveyor belt? It is mainly because PVK conveyor belt has the advantages of flame retardant and non flammable, especially in the logistics operation center, which is full of flammable materials, PVK conveyor belt can play a greater role.


As for other materials of conveyor belt, compared with PVK conveyor belt flame retardant is relatively weak. So it is the best choice to choose PVK conveyor belt for logistics operation and transportation center. In addition, in places with large passenger flow, such as airports, railway stations, bus stations and subway stations, we will find intelligent machines for luggage check-in and inspection, most of which are PVK conveyor belts.

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