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Conveyor belt is a kind of industrial belt used for short distance transportation of products on the assembly line. Its existence has greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises. The conveyor belts used in different industries may also be different, especially in the food industry. The requirements for conveyor belt are relatively high. What problems should be considered in the selection of food grade conveyor belt?


1. Materials conveyed by conveyor belt:


In general, it is necessary to consider the general characteristics, density and large particle size of materials; in special cases, it is also necessary to consider the presence or absence of oil or chemicals, high temperature of hot materials and flame retardant requirements;


2. Food grade conveyor belt has large carrying capacity or required large conveying capacity;


3. Bandwidth;


4. Belt speed;


5. Conveyor line layout:


The distance between the head and tail rollers along the direction of the conveyor; the height of lifting or lowering, or the top and bottom elevation of any upward or downward inclined conveyor section; the inclination of all upward or downward inclined conveyor sections; the position and radius of all vertical curves;


6. Food grade belt drive:


Single roller or double roller drive; in case of double roller drive, the distribution of the total power of the motor on the first and second driving rollers; the wrap angle of the conveyor belt on the driving roller; the position of the driving device; the surface of the roller, smooth surface or glue surface; the glue surface type; the start-up mode adopted;


7. Roller diameter:


The diameter of the roller needs to be determined according to the actual requirements of the conveyor belt;


8. Food grade belt tension device:


Type, position and tension stroke;


9. Idlers:


Type, roller diameter, groove angle; roller spacing, including the length of the transition section of the head and tail;


10. Type of conveying device:


The number of chutes; the free falling height of the block material to the conveyor belt; the length of the guide groove; the impact of the buffer idler or buffer frame; the angle between the feeding and the belt; the length of the guide groove;


11. Expected low operating temperature of Zui when used in cold climate;


12. Joint type of food grade conveyor belt: vulcanization joint or mechanical joint;


13. Conveyor belt cleaner type: vulcanization or mechanical type.


The above is about the food grade conveyor belt selection needs to consider which aspects of the introduction, I believe you also have a certain understanding. If you need high quality food conveyor belt, please click online consultation.

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